How to Record YouTube Video

It's easy to capture YouTube™ videos. Using Vixy Freecorder, you can save anything you see on YouTube or other similar sites. Not only does Freecorder 5 easily record these videos, but it can convert them into a variety of other formats, including MP3, WMV, MPEG-4, iPhone/iPod/iPad, and more. Best of all, Freecorder is totally free.

Freecorder 5 works right inside your browser, giving you a handy video recorder, audio recorder and converter, always available at your fingertips. Once installed, here's how it looks:

Freecorder YouTube Recorder

Videos from YouTube and similar sites are transmitted and captured in FLV format. Many of these video sites cache the video on your PC if you've already played it. Freecorder 5 is smart enough to search your cache, locate videos you've recently played, and even show the name of the video so you can archive it easily on your PC. It's the best way to save these FLV video clips.

Here's a two minute video introduction to Freecorder 5:

Here's how to use Freecorder 5 for YouTube video recording:

  1. Download and install a copy of Freecorder 5 .
  2. Play the video in YouTube. Once it's done playing, a copy of the video is in your PC's cache. (If you've already watched the video you can skip this step.)
  3. Click Video History. You'll be presented with the following screen:

    save video window

  4. Click the file to save, then press the Save button save button. The Save dialog appears:

    Save Video

  5. You can rename your file here, and save it as an MP3 music file or a video file. Click Save to save it to disk.

    Note: To save a video, it needs to be fully downloaded to your PC. Normally if you've watched it already, then it's ready to save.

    Cool Trick: Video History works with many audio files too.

  6. To see your saved video, click the Play play button button.

Product Tip

Download YouTube Videos with Replay Media Catcher

To capture more kinds of streaming video, try Replay Media Catcher.

It's that easy! Your video is now saved on your computer, and you can watch it wherever and whenever you want. Download and install Freecorder 5 today and try it yourself!

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