How to Record Pandora Using Replay Music

Replay Music by Applian Technologies is the best way to recording MP3s from music sites like Pandora. Not only will Replay Music separate each song into individual tracks, but it also identifies the songs you record, then adds the artist, album and song title to the MP3 file - automatically. You can even import into iTunes. It's really slick.

Here's a quick video to show you Replay Music in action, or continue to the tutorial below:

Download and install Replay Music - 6.8 Mb

Here's a tutorial showing how easy it is to record songs from

1. Go grab a copy of Replay Music. You can try it free with 25 songs.

2. Open the program and it will look like this:


3. Click Start Recording and a box will pop up allowing you to add any tag info you want. It will also give you the option to Add Tracks to iTunes, or Add tracks to Windows Media Player. I am going to put Pandora as the album name, and I will have Replay Music Add Tracks to iTunes:


4. Go to and start playing the music. Replay Music will now appear like this:


5. It has been recording for awhile now and as you can see it is tagging everything wonderfully:


6. When you are finished downloading the songs that you want, click Stop Recording. If you have chosen to Add Tracks to iTunes a dialogue box will pop up asking if it is OK to transfer the songs:


7. If any songs didn't get tagged properly you can highlight the song, click Edit Track - at the bottom of the program - and enter the missing information.


That's all there is to it. Replay Music is a great way to download from your favorite music sites. It automatically converts the songs to MP3s, tags them and will separate tracks as long as there is silence between the songs being played. The demo version is fully functional but is limited to twenty-five songs. If you haven't already, try Replay Music now.

For more information on recording MP3s using Replay Music: