The Secret Guide to Recording Every Liberal Talk Radio Show

Imagine being able to listen to every popular liberal talk radio show, whenever you like. It's really easy to do! With a software product called Replay A/V, you can turn your your PC into an awesome Internet Radio recorder. Your radio shows can be played on your PC, or installed on your iPod or other MP3 player automatically. It's awesome!

The secret is in Replay A/V's Media Paks, which come free with the software. This article tells you how to add a Media Pak to Replay A/V to have these shows available on demand:

  • Al Franken
  • Ed Schultz
  • Stephanie Miller
  • Thom Hartman
  • Randi Rhodes
  • The Young Turks
  • Rachel Maddow
  • And more!

Ready to learn the secret?

Here's how to record all the popular liberal talk shows with Replay A/V:

  1. Download and install Replay A/V.
  2. Open Replay A/V. Here's how it appears:

  3. From the top menu, click Shows, Add Media Pak. The Replay A/V Media Guide appears at the Media Pak screen:

  4. Click the Info button info buttonfor Liberal Politics. The Liberal Politics Media Pak appears:

  5. To add every show, click the add media pak button button. Or, click the add buttonbutton next to each show you want to add individually. If you've added the entire Media Pak, you'll see something like this in Replay A/V:

  6. Select Yes to confirm. After a few seconds, you'll see your Media Pak appear in Replay A/V like this:

    Media Pak

  7. If any of these shows are live, you'll see them start to record shortly. Replay A/V can record several shows simultaneously. Once a show ends, it is saved on your PC. If you're test-driving Replay A/V in demo mode, you'll be able to record for 5 minutes.
  8. To listen to a show once it's finished, left-click the show, and then select Play Last Recording.

As long as you leave Replay A/V running, it will continue to record. It's that easy!

Replay A/V can record thousands of other radio shows, as well as Podcasts, streaming video, Webcams, and more. A free demo is available. Give it a try!

Learn More:

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