How to Download Music From

If you want to capture all of your favorite songs from, Replay Media Catcher is the program for you. It not only captures the songs but renames them as well. It is a cool way to watch your music library grow. The demo version of Replay Media Catcher will capture 75% of files from all sites except YouTube. It will capture 100% of YouTube videos. This is quick lesson on capturing from

1. Go grab a copy of Replay Media Catcher.

2. When you open the program it will look like this:


3. To capture from we need to change a setting. Click Tools>>Settings and check the Web Stream Dumper:


4. Click Start Recording and Media Catcher will turn from green to red like this:


5. Go to and start playing songs. Remember that when you are capturing on you need to stay on the site and play the songs all the way through.


6. The song will appear in the Media Catcher list like this:


7. When the song has finished it will appear like this:


8. To play the song, right click on the file and choose Play Media:


9. The song will pop up in the player:


Finished! Replay Media Catcher is a great tool for capturing streaming music from many popular sites such as Pandora and - as you've seen here - It handles RTMP and HTTP protocols which makes it great for capturing from your favorite video sites as well. If you haven't already, download the demo and see how easy it is.

For more information on downloading music and videos with Replay Media Catcher: