How to Download Video and Extract the Audio

It has just gotten easier to record all your favorite music videos and extract the audio to put on your MP3 or other portable device. There is a program called Replay AV that makes it really easy to capture any of the videos on YouTube™ or pretty much elsewhere. Not only does the program easily record these videos but it will automatically convert the videos from their flash format into a variety of other formats including MP3 so you can add the audio to your portable player.

Here is all you need to do:

  1. Download a copy of Replay A/V from Applian Technologies. When you open the program the main screen looks like this:

  2. Click on the Open Recording Wizard button and the following screen will appear:

  3. Click on the Record something right now button and the following screen will appear:

  4. Click on the Capture a Video clip or Audio archive from the Internet link. The Stream Capture dialogue box appears:

  5. Now go to YouTube™ or whatever site has the video you want to capture and play the video. Once you start playing the video, the Stream Capture window will show the URL of the video we chose:

  6. Click Add Selection as New Recording . You will be taken to the Edit Show Properties window:

  7. Type in the name of the video and the in the field AFTER RECORDING, CONVERT TO : choose the format of audio you want. In this case I chose MP3 at the 128 kbps - which is CD quality. So after the video records the program will automatically convert to MP3 like this:

  8. Once the video has finished converting you can check your finished files by "left clicking" on the file in the main screen of Replay AV and scrolling down to VIEW SHOWS like this.

    You will see your original flash video and the converted MP3 file like this:

    So now you have BOTH the music video to enjoy AND the audio saved as an MP3 that you can add to your iPod or other portable player and enjoy whenever you like.! Pretty cool eh?

  9. If you want another great program for Recording Videos you should try Replay Media Catcher. It is great for recording video from sites like MySpace™ and YouTube™.


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