How to Convert YouTube to MP3

There are a lot of great videos on YouTube, and the best ones always have a killer soundtrack. Many people fall in love with a song after seeing it used in a video, and want to make an MP3 file for their personal use. This article shows how to use Freecorder 5 to convert videos from YouTube to MP3 files.

First of all, go snag a copy of Freecorder 5. This totally free utility operates inside Firefox and Internet Explorer, and works with Windows 7, Vista and XP. Once installed, here's how it looks:

Freecorder YouTube Recorder

Here's a great video introduction to Freecorder 5:

Here's how to use Freecorder 5 for Converting YouTube to MP3:

  1. Download and install a copy of Freecorder 5.
  2. Play the video in YouTube. Once it's done playing, a copy of the video is in your PC's cache. (If you've already watched the video you can skip this step.)
  3. Click Video History. You'll be presented with the following screen:

    save video window

  4. Click the file to save, then press the Save button save button. The Save dialog appears:

    Save Video

  5. Click Save as MP3. The video is automatically converted to an MP3 file and saved to your PC.

It's that easy! Go grab your own copy of Freecorder and try it for yourself.


Product Tip

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