How to Play a Flash Video FLV File

Most PC's cannot automatically play FLV files. If you have downloaded an FLV video and are wondering how to play it, you need to download Applian Technologies Free FLV Player. This is the best way to handle the file extension FLV.

Here's how to download and use FLV Player:

1. Go to the FLV Player page and click Download. Follow the instructions to install. (Note: The option with Freecorder 4 is recommended!)

2. You should now see an icon for the Applian FLV Player on your desktop like this:


3. To play an FLV video, go to the directory where you have saved your recordings, and double click on the file. It will play like this:


You can now play any FLV files that you have saved. Go grab your own free copy and start playing your FLV videos now.

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