How to Download Songs From Deezer

Downloading from Deezer is super easy when you use Replay Music by Applian Technologies. Replay Music will download from the music site, convert the files to MP3, and tag them. You can even automatically transfer your songs to iTunes or Windows Media Player. I am going to show you how easy it is to download music from using Replay Music.

1. Go grab a copy of Replay Music.

2. Open the program and it will look like this:


3. Click Start Recording and a dialogue box will pop up allowing you to enter any tag info you would like to add. It will also give you the option to Add Track to iTunes, or Add Tracks to Windows Media Player. I am going to enter "Deezer" as the album name, and I am going to have Replay Music Add Tracks to iTunes:


4. Go to and start playing some tunes! Remember that you need to let the music play through while Replay Music is recording. Replay Music will now look like this:


5. OK, Replay Music has been recording for about 30 minutes and as you can see it is recording and tagging all of the songs being played:


6. When you are done downloading click Stop recording. If you have chosen to Add tracks to iTunes, Replay Music will now ask if it is OK to do so:


That's all there is to it! Like I said - super easy. Replay Music is a great tool for downloading from all of the popular music sites. The demo version is fully functional so that you can see how great it works, but it is limited to twenty-five songs. You've seen how easy it is to download music. If you haven't tried it yet, download the Replay Music demo now.

For more information on downloading MP3s using Replay Music: